Important Topics To Discuss When You're Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

What happens when something you buy off of an individual causes someone that you love to suffer from serious injuries? Learn what to do.

Important Topics To Discuss When You're Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

16 December 2015
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Consulting a personal injury attorney after you've suffered an injury for which you wish to take legal action is something that requires a bit of research. Don't just hire the first attorney you can find online. It's more useful to evaluate a few different law firms in your city, arrange appointments with each and take some time to meet the attorney, talk about your case and gauge whether he or she is a suitable fit for you. Your conversation will often touch on the strength of your case and even the attorney's credentials and experience, but you should always take time to discuss these other three topics.

Use Of Experts

Personal injury cases gain strength through the consultation of medical experts who can affirm the merit of the case. It's useful to ask each personal injury attorney how he or she plans to handle this element of the case. You should feel more confident about an attorney who will thoroughly list the experts who would be applicable to your case and how he or she will plan to use them. Ideally, the attorney has extensive experience using such experts and has surrounded him or herself with a solid team of people who can be relied upon to bolster clients' cases.


Many clients hire personal injury attorneys with whom they feel comfortable, but you should also think about the degree of communication that you wish to have. Some clients want regular updates about even the minor details of how their case is progressing, while others don't wish to involve themselves in the day-to-day process and would rather only be included when there's significant news to share. Think about which scenario would make you most comfortable and then discuss it with the attorney. Ideally, you want to work with someone who will be on the same page; if you want daily updates, you don't want an attorney who believes in getting in touch only on occasion.

Case Timelines

While it's impossible for the attorney to predict exactly how long your case will take to be completed, experience in this type of law should give him or her the ability to make a reasonable estimate. Knowing this information is important as you consult multiple attorneys. For example, if one attorney is busy with other cases, it might be a while before he or she begins working on yours, which will delay the completion of the case. Evaluate the different answers you receive from each attorney and determine which answer best suits you.