Three Products That Are Surprisingly Dangerous For Children

What happens when something you buy off of an individual causes someone that you love to suffer from serious injuries? Learn what to do.

Three Products That Are Surprisingly Dangerous For Children

19 February 2016
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There are several products that parents commonly use that seem safe enough and are widely used. However, these products can be surprisingly dangerous. Three particular products you should be careful with and not take your eyes off your children when they are using them.


Walkers seem like a great way to keep children entertained before they are capable of walking on their own. Also, the walkers can allow children to get exercise at an early age. However, there are tens of thousands of children that are injured each year while using a walker. A fall down the stairs with a walker can easily be fatal. Always be nearby when your child is using a walker and use baby gates to prevent your child from accidentally falling down the stairs. Also, there is some research that walkers can impede the development of children.

Hot Humidifiers

Cool mist humidifiers are mostly harmless. If a cool mist humidifier becomes infected with a virus or bacterial strain, the humidifier might transmit the strain to your child. But they are nowhere near as dangerous as hot humidifiers. Children have experienced serious burns and an infected burn wound could turn fatal. Before leaving your child's room, always double-check to make sure that there isn't anything hot that your child could touch and become burned by.

Drop-Side Cribs

Drop-side cribs are so dangerous that they were banned. However, if you are shopping for cribs at garage sales, you will need to identify drop-side cribs so you can avoid them. These are cribs where one side drops to allow for easier access to your baby. However, the sides can drop accidentally and can create a gap in the crib where a baby can then become trapped. If you already own a drop-side crib, you should consider replacing it or at least purchase an immobilization device from a manufacturer that will make it impossible for the side of the crib to drop.

If your child has already been killed by a product, compensation will not remove the grief that you are experiencing. However, receiving compensation will at least provide you with more space that can be used to grieve better. If you believe that the death of your child was the result of a product intended for children, contact a wrongful death attorney and he or she will review your case and determine whether you are likely to win.