Why a Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Make Your Life Easier

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Why a Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Make Your Life Easier

11 February 2021
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Whenever you are facing legal troubles, such as fears over the denial of an SSDI benefits application, an attorney can help put you at ease. Social security disability attorneys can help you understand your odds of approval and understand the complicated laws that govern SSDI benefits. 

A Disability Attorney Will Help You Get Approved

With an experienced disability attorney, you will have a much greater chance of being approved for disability benefits. If you are not approved the first time, you will have to wait longer until you can receive your benefits. While there is an appeal process, there is a lot you can do to increase the odds that your claim won't be denied the first time.

An attorney understands how to present a case in a manner that will put their client in the best possible light. This includes having the necessary medical information and how to show that you are following your doctor's orders and trying to get better. Your doctor might write a note explicitly instructing you not to work.

They'll Communicate With the Administrative Law Judge

Your attorney can also write a detailed brief to the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) that will help clarify how you are entitled to SSDI benefits. When an ALJ sees that you are working with an attorney, they are more likely to take your claim seriously. 

They'll Prepare You for Your Hearing 

When it's time to participate in your hearing, the attorney will prepare you for the questions that you'll be asked. Your attorney will also gather evidence necessary for your hearing so that you can be prepared for the hearing. For example, your attorney will interview witnesses and will cross-examine a medical or vocational expert.

Crafting an argument for why your case should not be denied can be tricky if you don't have the legal training and aren't aware of what arguments have worked in the past. With a compelling legal argument, your SSDI application is more likely to be approved.

They Are Affordable

You might worry about how much it will cost to hire an SSDI attorney. However, most attorneys will provide you with a free consultation and will not be paid until you have received your benefits. If the attorney does fail to successfully convince the SSA to approve you for benefits, the attorney will not charge you anything. Therefore, you can have peace of mind when choosing to work with an SSDI attorney.