Long-Term Vehicle Accident Injuries And Compensation: What To Know

What happens when something you buy off of an individual causes someone that you love to suffer from serious injuries? Learn what to do.

Long-Term Vehicle Accident Injuries And Compensation: What To Know

7 January 2022
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Some serious accidents result in extremely serious injuries to victims. The more serious your injuries, the more victims are owed in compensation. It's vital that those permanently affected by an accident that was not their fault seek professional legal help before they make a huge mistake with their case. Read below and learn more.

The Independent Medical Exam (IME)

All accident victims should be assertive about their medical treatment. The other driver's insurer is responsible for paying the total medical treatment costs. However, what you need to be paid for those expenses can be vague or based on inaccurate information. You might be asked by the other side to participate in an IME or your personal injury lawyer might request an exam. This exam can determine how the accident injuries are affecting you at the present time and how they will continue to affect you later. Not all accidents injuries heal at the same rate. The results of the IME will affect your future medical payment however, you don't have to agree with the initial results. Talk to your lawyer about getting a second opinion IME in that case.

Understanding Future Medical Issues

Whether you have been left with lingering injuries and want to settle your case soon or have permanent injuries, you need to know what your medical treatment costs might be in the future. As you know, medical costs are very expensive and rise all the time. Speak to your lawyer about determining the cost of your future needs. Often, experts will be consulted to determine how much money you need for future issues. That might include medical experts along with economic experts who can predict both your needs and the resulting costs. In some cases, serious injuries involve several areas of your body, and the surgeries must be performed over several months or even years. Just because your treatment takes place in two years is no reason not to be paid for it now. Along with surgery, victims may also need physical therapy, hard medical goods (like a walker or crutches), medications, and much more.

Never agree to an accident settlement without taking into consideration your future medical needs. Once you sign an accident release or agree to accept a settlement, you cannot go back and undo it. Speak to a personal injury lawyer to learn what types of damages you can be entitled to when your accident injuries are beyond the ordinary.

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