3 Things To Do With Your Attorney Following A Car Accident

What happens when something you buy off of an individual causes someone that you love to suffer from serious injuries? Learn what to do.

3 Things To Do With Your Attorney Following A Car Accident

7 November 2022
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You are susceptible to being involved in a car accident that results in serious injury each time you get behind the wheel. Although drivers know that they are taking this risk, few take the time to consider how they will respond after a car accident occurs.

If you feel that your accident was caused by another motorist, you may want to file a personal injury lawsuit. Here are three things that you should do following a car accident to preserve your right to financial compensation via a personal injury payout.

1. Determine if You Want to File a Lawsuit

Not everyone who is injured in a car accident will end up filing a lawsuit in court. Most insurance companies are willing to offer settlements to injured parties. These settlements can vary in value based on the severity of the accident and the level of coverage secured by the at-fault driver.

It's essential that you work closely with an attorney who specializes in car accidents if you have received a settlement offer from the insurance company.

Your attorney can help you determine if the offer is fair, draft a counteroffer, and decide if filing a lawsuit is the right course of action in the event you are unable to agree on a settlement amount with the insurance company.

2. Identify the Filing Deadline

All states have mandatory filing deadlines that are associated with personal injury lawsuits. You must identify when your state's filing deadline is to avoid missing out on the opportunity to seek financial compensation for the injuries you sustained in your car accident.

An experienced attorney will be able to inform you of your specific filing deadline. You can rely on your attorney to monitor the progression of the settlement process so that you have ample time to file a lawsuit within the deadline if you choose to do so.

3. Determine All Eligible Damages

You must know the types of damages that you have sustained as a result of your car accident before you can file a personal injury lawsuit.

Your attorney can help you decide which damages are applicable in your case. Some common types of damages that you may have suffered include property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, mental anguish, and disfigurement or disability.

Your attorney will be able to help you place a monetary value on each of these damages so that you can determine if pursuing a lawsuit will be beneficial in your case.

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