Questions An Auto Accident Attorney May Ask You During A Consultation

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Questions An Auto Accident Attorney May Ask You During A Consultation

4 April 2023
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Before hiring an auto accident attorney, you will likely have a consultation with the attorney. This is essentially an interview where both you and the lawyer determine if you want to work together on your case. There are many important questions you should ask an attorney during the consultation, but you may not be aware that the attorney will also have a few important questions to ask you. Here are a few questions that an auto accident lawyer is likely to ask you during a consultation. 

 How Did the Accident Happen?  

An auto accident attorney will likely ask you how the accident happened. They will want to hear your version of events that led to the accident and why you feel the other party has some fault or all of the fault for the accident. Fault is a key component in a car accident case, so hearing how the accident happened can help the attorney decide if they want to take the case on. 

What Types of Injuries Did You Sustain in the Accident? 

An auto accident attorney will also want to hear about the injuries you sustained in the car accident, as well as any medical treatment you have received or are currently receiving. The types of injuries you sustained, and their severity, can play a role in how much your case may be worth. As such, an attorney will ask this question to estimate how much your case may be worth and if it is worth it to them to take on your case. 

What Type of Auto Insurance Do You Carry?

Lastly, it is very common for an auto accident lawyer to ask you what type of auto insurance you carry. If you have uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage, the attorney may not only seek compensation from the other party, but they may try to get your insurance company to pay for some of your medical expenses or lost wages. Bring a copy of your auto insurance policy with you to your consultation in case this question is asked. 

During a consultation, you should bring along any information you have that is pertinent to your case, including accident reports, letters from the insurance company, photos or videos of the accident scene, witness information, and medical reports. Additionally, you should be prepared to ask the auto accident attorney questions to help you determine if they are the ideal attorney for your case, and you should be prepared to answer questions from the attorney regarding the accident.