What happens when something you buy off of an individual causes someone that you love to suffer from serious injuries? Learn what to do.

Who Needs a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

26 April 2022
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The workers' compensation system in the United States was established many years ago to provide benefits to injured employees. It's important to understand how these laws safeguard your interests in your line of work. Although almost every career has an element of risk, some careers are more prone to injuries than others. Here are several careers where you are very likely to need a workers' compensation lawyer: 1. Union Construction Contractors Read More …

Why Your Wreck Might Have Been Caused By An Improperly Loaded Commercial Truck

10 March 2022
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One of the reasons why a commercial truck might become highly dangerous is an improperly secured load. This could be the fault of the commercial driver but it could also be the fault of the loading company. The Effects of an Improperly Loaded Truck When the cargo is not properly loaded onto the truck, this can lead to the driver struggling to handle the vehicle. The cargo can shift from one side of the vehicle to another and prevent the driver from turning properly. Read More …

Long-Term Vehicle Accident Injuries And Compensation: What To Know

7 January 2022
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Some serious accidents result in extremely serious injuries to victims. The more serious your injuries, the more victims are owed in compensation. It's vital that those permanently affected by an accident that was not their fault seek professional legal help before they make a huge mistake with their case. Read below and learn more. The Independent Medical Exam (IME) All accident victims should be assertive about their medical treatment. The other driver's insurer is responsible for paying the total medical treatment costs. Read More …